WP 15: Project management and dissemination


WP15 consists of project management and publication of the results, and is chaired by Prof. Risto O. Roine (TUH) and cochaired by Dr. Geert Vanhooren (STJBB) and the executive committee. The WP15 partners are TUH, SAFE, EuroHYP, CHU, STJBB.

The aims are:

1) to ensure the management of EuroHYP-1 in line with the study protocol and the requirements of the FP7 program

2) to ensure the completion of the legal and financial obligations in compliance with the EU regulations and contractual and legal requirements.

3) to ensure timely and accurate communication within the consortium

4) to create awareness of therapeutic hypothermia among patients, patient organisations, media and citizens.

5) to publish the results in international stroke journals as well as international and national stroke conferences and the web, subject to approval by the executive committee. Key results will be published as fast track papers in first rank medical journals.

6) to ensure rapid implementation by the guidelines committees of ESO and other international stroke organisations. The results will be made available for European Stroke Organisation guideline committees and other leading international stroke organisations, including the American Stroke Association, a subdivision of the American Heart Association, National Stroke Association, World Stroke Organisation and European Federation of Neurological Sciences plus national stroke organisations in each country.

7) to organize the systematic dissemination of the guidelines,.production of updated educational materials and organisation of press conferences and educational meetings both at international and national level as well as in the www.

8) to create increased awareness among the health authorities and health insurance organisations, and to facilitate health care planning with resource reallocation and reimbursement policies of this new treatment modality.

Work package Description

Task 1: Resources management. The coordinator has the responsibility for the collection and preparation of all cost reports from the project partners for submission to the European Commission, including management report, report on the distribution of funds, FormCs and audit certificates.The Financial Monitoring Report will be provided to the Coordinator and to the Project Executive Committee quarterly.


Task 2: Contractual management. The coordinator will ensure the compliance of the project with the EU Grant Agreement and the Consortium Agreement, including subcontracted centres.


Task 3: Communication management. is the responsibility of the coordinator for project management and the president of the executive committee at the University of Erlangen. professor Stefan Schwab for scientific coordination.


Task 4 Quarterly progress reports by the coordinator.


Task 5: Press conferences, information for the media and the public, coordinated by SAFE.


Task 6: Dissemination plan for the results of the Eurohyp is generated by the EuroHYP and Turku University Hospital.


Task 7: Presentation of the results in first rank international and national stroke conferences by the members of the Steering Committee and the Executive Committee.


Task 8: Preparation and submission of the manuscripts to first rank peer reviewed medical journals.in collaboration with the WP leaders, including the principle publication on the key results of the EuroHYP-1 trial authored by the Executive Committee and the Turku University Hospital.

WP Leader

Prof. Risto Roine (TUH)

Participating Partners