WP 03: SME involvement


Overall purpose of the Work Package is to integrate into the research programme the products and services of European research-driven SMEs, relevant to the trial: innovative cooling device manufacturers and a
telemedicine solution IT-provider. Another overall purpose is to create research opportunities, such as the development of novel cooling technologies in association with the main trial. The overall purpose will be achieved via a collaborative and transparent platform.

Work package Description

The EUROHyp-1 trial will test the efficacy of therapeutic cooling in awake acute stroke patients to a temperature between 34 and 35 degrees Centigrade for 24 hours as an adjunct to standard stroke therapy. The challenges related to this novel approach are procedural and logisitical. Procedural issues relate to the feasibility and safety of cooling while logistical issues concern the deviation from traditional algorhythms and clincial pathways in acute stroke management.

The design of EuroHYP-1 is a practical approach to test whether therapeutic cooling provides benefits beyond standard care. While we believe that therapeutic cooling is feasible and safe in the awake patient it will have a learning curve on part of the caregiver and also faces inherent side effects related to patient comfort and infectious complications. We believe that on successful completion of EuroHYP-1 we will have a signal on which it can be determined whether and how this treatment should be introduced into mainstream stroke management. In anticipation of a successful completing we have invited the private sector to help with improving cooling strategies, refine patient selection and enhance logistical challenges with this novel treatment. Areas of research include cooling technology, improving patient comfort during cooling in particular regarding better antishivering strategies and renovation of clinical pathways related to acute stroke management in the prohospital and hospital setting.

We currently work with EMCOOLS AG (Austria), Quickcool AB (Sweden), BrainCool  AB (Sweden), BARD Medical (UK), Zoll Medical (Germany) and MTRE (UK) – in addition we also encourage other small or medium size companies to engage with the  EuroHYP-1 trial.

Participating Partners

Universitaetsklinikum Erlangen
Region Hovedstaden
Quick Cool AB
EMCOOLS Medical Cooling Systems AG
ELVIDO Medical Technology SRL
Flowlab Proyectos De Innovacion SL