WP 02: Patient, carer and citicen involvement


The overall purpose of the “Patient, carer and citizen involvement” work package is to contribute to the implementation, quality and professionalism of the trial via the direct involvement of the patients and patient advocacy groups.

The specific objectives are:
1. Support the implementation of the EuroHYP-1 trial via patient- and family-centric Decision Aids.
2. Contribute to the optimization of the cooling intervention via collecting systematically the treatment feed-back of the patients.
3. Develop a simple, however useful patient and carer diary.

Work package Description

WP2 will be led by EuroHYP, supported very actively by SAFE as a co-leader of the WP and will be delivered with the close collaboration and support of the hypothermia centre in Erlangen (UKER), and other members of the EuroHYP network.