WP 01: Scientific coordination


Overall purpose and mission of the “Scientific Coordination” work package is to ensure the oversight, coordination and monitoring of the whole research programme from a scientific perspective in order to deliver the research commitments. At the same time, the administrative management related tasks are placed and handled via WP15, entitled “Project management and dissemination”.Objectives:1. Ensure the coordination and monitoring of the EuroHYP-1 research programme in order to enable and support the Participants to achieve the objectives set, to complete the milestones in time and to complete the deliverables (Task 1).2. Ensure the duties associated to project monitoring, regular review of the progress with the project deliverables and tasks associated to research risk management. (Task 2). 3. Ensure the delivery of the scientific parts of the reports to be submitted to the EC (Task 3).4. Ensure duties associated to the integration and coordination of subprojects funded via additional resources (Task 4).

Work package Description

The ”Scientific coordination” WP is supported by EuroHYP and will be delivered in close collaboration with the trial leadership team from UKER consisting of Prof. Stefan Schwab (Coordinator), Dr. Rainer Kollmar("Study conduct" WP leader) and Dr. Bernd Gebhard ("Ethics" Work Package leader). EuroHYP is the central, coordinating platform in the EuroHYP-1 trial. EuroHYP is a legal entity (not-for-profit research organisation) established in 2008 in Brussels by leading hypothermia experts in order to advance stroke hypothermia researchin Europe. Task 1: Scientific project coordination (M01-60). The EuroHYP-1 project will be coordinated by UKER and EuroHYP based on the organisational platform and procedures established already in the phase of the trial preparation – process which started already in June 2010. The coordination related tasks will be delivered by the Coordinator of the trial, Prof. Stefan Schwab.

Key deliverable associated to this task will be the quarterly “Project planning and tracking report”, issued by the Executive Committee following the regular, quarterly meetings (face to face or via Telephone Conference/ WEBEX). The “Project planning and tracking report” will be placed permanently on the Intranet site of the consortium. Importantly, this document will contain all important statements and decisions taken by the Executive Committee with regards the progress towards the goals and any eventual interventions or changes made in the original plans, including the reallocation of financial and other resources and the eventual(re)definition of the trial roll-out program.

In order to collect sufficient inputs and details about the actual resources required and used for the delivery of each task EuroHYP will be collaborating with each and every WP leader. Responsible for the delivery of task 1.2: EuroHYP (Istvan Szabo), EuroHYP-1 Executive Committee members: Stefan Schwab, Malcolm Macleod, Jesper Petersson, Derk Krieger, Rainer Kollmar and Bart van der Worp.

Participating Partners

Universitaetsklinikum Erlangen
Region Hovedstaden
Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht
European Stroke Research Network for Hypothermia ASBL
Skane Lans Landsting
Varsinais-Suomen Sairaanhoitopiirin Kuntayhtyma
Medizinische Universitaet Innsbruck