EuroHYP-1 Project: Work packages & interactions

Research in EuroHYP-1 is devided up into 15 work packages (WPs), in order to facilitate organisation, management and work flow.  Each WP has an academic lead who is responsible for the management and the results of their WP.

See below the structure of all WPs and their interdependencies and find out more about their tasks and objectives by clicking on the WP.

Please be aware that not all work packages are listed yet. You will find the complete information on all 15 EuroHYP-1 work packages on this site soon.

Work packages

Workpackages EuroHYP-1 WP01: Scientific coordination WP09: Biomarker study WP02: Patient, carer and citizen involvement WP03: SME collaboration WP05: Outcomes adjudication WP06: Training WP07: Study conduct WP08: Imaging study WP10: Ultrasound study WP04: Data platform WP11: Health economic study WP12: Monitoring WP13: Ethics WP14: Statistical analysis WP15: Project management and dissemination