Vacutest Kima s.r.l.

Vacutest Kima srl, Italian manufacturer of products and vacuum systems for laboratory analysis, will kindly donate and provide EuroHYP-1 with the necessary material for blood sampling required by the Biomarker Study.

The Biomarker Study will allow to create the EuroHYP-1 Biobank with serum, plasma, DNA and RNA taken at 3 times (before and after cooling) from the 1500 patients included in the Trial. These samples will be further analyzed in order to provide a proof of concept of hypothermia in humans by means of testing and discovery of efficacy and safety biomarkers (related to brain damage and to therapeutic cooling and patient outcome, respectively).

This fact will allow EuroHYP-1 Trial to become in the largest Stroke Biomarker Study done till the moment.


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