Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services

Randox Testing Services
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Lead Investigator

Andrew Cartwright
Randox Testing Services Laboratory Manager
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Organisation Presentation

Randox Laboratories was founded in 1982 and has now grown to be the largest in-vitro diagnostic company in the UK in terms of both work-force and also number of tests produced. Over these years, Randox has developed and nurtured an almost unrivalled experience in developing reagents for both routine assay and specialised tests and now supplies IVD products to more than 30,000 hospitals in 130 different countries. Research and development is a top priority within the company as it allows us to continually improve the standard of diagnostic materials produced. At Randox, 20% of annual revenue is re-invested into research and development, ensuring products are among the most technically advanced in the marketplace. This investment into R&D has allowed Randox to invent the revolutionary Biochip Array Technology (BAT) which is an immunoassay testing platform facilitating the simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins from a single aliquot.

Randox Testing Services (RTS) is a spin-out company of Randox Laboratories and offers state of the art laboratory facilities that can analyse a wide range of biomarkers. During the last few years, RTS has provided this service to an eclectic mix of clients including pharmaceutical companies, academic research, sporting institutions and police departments. As a result of the latter collaboration, the lab is accredited to handle forensic specimens and to provide results that can withstand the full scrutiny of law.