Inserm (ECRIN)

Inserm for ECRIN
101 rue de Tolbiac

Lead Investigator

Prof. MD Jaques Demotes-Mainard
ECRIN coordinator
+33 144 236285



Project Staff

Dr. Anke Strenge-Hesse
ECRIN European Correspondent for Germany/ KKSNetwork (Network of Coordinating Clinical Trial Centres)
University Clinic Cologne
+49 221 478 89331

Dr. Christine Kubiak
ECRIN executive manager
+33 144 236278

Institute Presentation

ECRIN (European Clinical Research Infrastructures Network, is the pan-European ESFRI-roadmap infrastructure for clinical research.
ECRIN is designed to integrate academic clinical research in Europe through the interconnection of national networks of clinical research centres (CRC) and clinical trials units (CTU) and to provide support in the conduct of multinational clinical trials in Europe. ECRIN with its network of national scientific partner institutions offers professional support for all aspects of clinical trials conduct considering scientific criteria, regulatory submission of projects according to existing legislation and guidelines, GCP compliance, study management, monitoring and training. The national hubs are united in the ECRIN consortium and each of the ECRIN consortium member institutions has professional staff with extensive experience in clinical research and management of clinical trials, working according to defined standards and common procedures.
ECRIN as part of its preparatory phase (ECRIN PPI, FP7 funded), has been involved in the coordination of set-up and management (including the regulatory submissions and monitoring activities) of six multinational studies, four of them being funded by FP6 or FP7 grants. ECRIN is also participating in the preparation of clinical studies in link with investigators and sponsors: more than twenty studies have been submitted so far to the ECRIN scientific board for provision of services.

The coordination of ECRIN is currently hosted by INSERM, the main French national public research institution dedicated to Public Health and Medical Research.
INSERM as current coordinator of ECRIN, (1) acts as beneficiary on behalf of the ECRIN network in the project; (2) will transfer the rights and obligations associated to the project as soon as ECRIN will become an ECRIN-ERIC (European Research Infrastructure Consortium under the provision of Regulation (EC) N° 723/2009 of 25 June 2009) with a legal status and a framework agreement between the ERIC and its partners.