Institut Catala de Salut (ICS), Hospital Vall d´Hebron

Institut Catala de Salut (ICS)

Institut Catala de Salut (ICS)
Hospital Vall d´Hebron Stroke Unit

Passeig Vall d´hebron 119-129
08035 Barcelona

Lead Investigator

MD, PhD Carlos A. Molina
Stroke Neurologist, Head of Department
+34 93 489 30 00 (ext. 3731)

Stroke Neurologist and Head of the Stroke Unit. Expert in reperfusion therapies in acute stroke, more than 156 paper in peer-review journals in the field of non-invasive evaluation of reperfusion /recanalization in acute stroke. Carlos Molina will serve as centre PI and national coordinator for Spain.

Project Staff

MD, PhD. Marta Rubiera
Stroke Neurologist, Responsible of Stroke Unit Care and acute therapies
+34 93 489 30 00 (Ext. 6780)

Stroke Neurologist and responsable of Stroke Unit Care. Dr. Rubiera is in charge of patients care at the Stroke Unit and involved in our hypothermia protocol for severe strokes, and acute therapies.

MD, PhD. Marc Ribo
Stroke Neurologist, Responsible of Vascular Neurointerventionalist / advanced endovascular therapies
+34 93 489 30 00 (Ext. 6363)

Stroke Neurologist and Neurointerventionalist. He is in charge of the coordination of rescue reperfusion strategies in our centre and the telemedicine network with hospitals of our catchment area.

MD, PhD Jorge Pagola
Stroke Neurologist, Cardiological techniques expert and cardiological studies
+93 489 30 00 (Ext.3731)

Stroke Neurologist and ER neurologist. Dr. Pagola plays a key role in the identification of potential patients for reperfusion therapies and research stroke trials in the ER and coordinates the Stroke Code with paramedics. He has focused in Cardiological techniques.

MD, PhD. David Rodríguez-Luna
Stroke Neurologist, Neurosonology expert and ICH studies
+93 93 489 30 00  (Ext. 6363)

Stroke Neurologist. He is in charge of the outpatient clinic. Dr. Rodriguez performs the assessment of different outcome measures in acute stroke trials in a blinded manner, and is an expert on neurosonology studies.

MD Alan Flores
Stroke Neurologist, Emergency stroke care/ reperfusion studies
+93 489 30 00 (Ext. 6780)

Stroke Neurologist. He is in charge of Emergency stroke care and reperfusion studies.

MD Marian Muchada
Stroke Neurologist, Emergency stroke care/neurosonology studies
+93 489 30 00 (Ext. 6780)

Stroke Neurologist. She is in charge of the Emergency stroke care and neurosonology studies.

Estela Sanjuan
Research Nurse, Research Coordinator
+93 489 30 00  (Ext. 3731)

Nurse, Clinical trial and research coordinator. She has participated in many acute and secondary prevention of stroke trials and responsible of non-financed research studies.

Pilar Meler
Research Nurse, Research Coordinator
+93 489 30 00 (Ext. 6363)

Nurse, Clinical trial coordinator. She has experience in many acute stroke trials and interventional procedures.

Institute Presentation

The Hospital Universitari Vall d´Hebron (HVH) represents the largest academic hospitals in Catalonia and one of the most important centres in Spain. HVH is a reference centre for a catchment area of 800,000 people and attends 1400 stroke patient every year. The Stroke Unit HVH is a well-known and internationally recognized Stroke Centre with a high level  infrastructure and resources including 24 hour MRI/CTA and angio suite availability, 24/7 on-call stroke neurologist, 24/7 neurosonologist for carotid ultrasound and Transcranial Collor Coded Sonography. The Stroke Unit and the Neurointensive care Unit HVH are the only regional referral centers for hemicraniectomy for patients with malignant MCA infarction and endovascular hypothermia in severe strokes. The Stroke center has a large experience in clinical trials for acute ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, Dr. Carlos Molina is the chair of the Stroke Unit HVH for more than 10 years. He has a large experience in the application of ultrasound technologies, particularly TCCS, for the diagnosis and treatment monitoring in patients with acute ischemic stroke. He is recognized and well-known leader in the use of TCCS to assess the timing, speed and degree of spontaneous and tPA-induced arterial recanalization and their potentially impact on clinical deterioration and reperfusion damage. Moreover, Carlos Molina has conducted several multi centre clinical trials and prospective registries of ultrasound in acute stroke.