European Stroke Research Network for Hypothermia
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1000 Bruxelles
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Lead Investigator

MSc. Istvan Szabo
+32 4 9125 5655
+32 24 166 377

MSc. Istvan Szabo is the founding Secretary General of EuroHYP, with long-standing experience in pan-European coordination and research organisation matters. Mr. Szabo coordinated several pan-European projects, including the preparation and design of clinical trials in diabetes and hypertension. Mr. Szabo’s special interest is in designing and running innovative research projects, with special attention to disease areas with unmet need – especially considering stroke.
Mr. Szabo holds a degree in International Health Economics and Pharmaco-economics, and is involved in the economic evaluation of hypothermia and the development of patient- and carer-focused materials: decision aids; a survey instrument which would enable the collection of the feed-back about the cooling experience of the patients; and a patient diary.
In addition to EuroHYP-1 Mr Szabo is working on the preparation of a large hibernation study, which is considered to be supported in the future by the European Space Agency, depending upon the results of the EuroHYP-1 trial.
Besides the work in the area of hypothermia and stroke, Mr. Szabo is working on other subjects linked to health economics, for example the appropriate pricing of pharmaceutical products and the pan-European price reference systems associated to pricing of drugs and devices.

Organization Presentation

EuroHYP is the European Stroke Network for Hypothermia, a European network of clinical scientists; clinical research specialists – including health economics experts; patient groups; and representatives of European industries. Launched in 2008, the purpose of EuroHYP is to promote, organise and deliver high quality research with the aim of defining the role of hypothermia in the treatment of stroke.
The inaugural President of EuroHYP, Prof. Stefan Schwab, is a leading European researcher in the field, with substantial experience of cooling. In 2010 the Presidency passed to Dr Malcolm Macleod, an expert in the best ways to apply basic research findings to human disease, while Prof. Schwab continues as Vice President and leader of the Euro-HYP-1 clinical trial program. Other key individuals include Bart van der Worp (Utrecht), as an expert in clinical trials in stroke; Jesper Petersson (Malmo), expert in cooling and in clinical trials; Rainer Kollmar (Erlangen), an expert in hypothermia; and Derk Krieger (Copenhagen), an expert in stroke, hypothermia, and clinical trials.