Algemeen Ziekenhuis Sint-Jan Brugge-Oostende AV

AZ Sint Jan Brugge-Oostende

AZ Sint Jan Brugge-Oostende
Department of Neurology
Ruddershove 10
8000 Brugge

Lead Investigator

MD FESO FAHA Geert Vanhooren
Head of Neurology department
Local PI, National Coordinator Belgium
+32 50 452370
+32 50 452359

Project Staff

Valerie Schotte
Local Trial Coordinator
+32 50 452306

Dr. Sofie De Blauwe
+32 50 452302

Institute Presentation

AZ Sint Jan Brugge-Oostende AV, with medieval roots back to the 12th century is now a modern secondary and tertiary referral centre for all major medical and surgical pathologies. There are 1240 hospitalisation beds. Our mission is to offer innovative, reference medical care to all patient.

The neurology department has a dedicated stroke care unit providing in- and outpatient stroke care, including acute stroke unit care but also stroke rehab. The number of new strokes/TIA‟s admitted per year is around 450. Iv-thrombolysis is performed 30 times a year on average. There is access to acute neuro-interventional procedures. There is a staff of 6 full-time neurologist and 3 juniors providing a 24/7 neurology service with trial support. Although not academic, all staff members are involved in national as well as international scientific organisations.

There exists extensive clinical trial expertise in phase 2 and 3 clinical research in all aspects of neurology, especially in acute but also chronic stroke care. The neurology department has its own clinical trial service, with 1 full-time trial coordinator and one dedicated ½-time trial nurse. The department participated in 10 acute and 10 secondary prevention stroke trials in the last 5 years.

Patient cooling expertise for cardiologic indications, intravenously as well as by surface cooling, is present at the intensive care level and can easily be translated to medium care level at the stroke unit.