The EuroHYP-1 trial is a pan-European, open, randomised, phase III clinical trial which will assess the benefit of therapeutic cooling in adult patients with acute ischaemic stroke. In addition to efficacy and safety, the economic impact of therapeutic hypothermia will be also evaluated.

The EuroHYP consortium brings together leading European experts in statistical design and analysis, therapeutic hypothermia, imaging, health economics, ultrasound, biomarkers, and trial execution (implementation and monitoring) as well as European patient and family advocacy groups and Small and Medium-size Enterprises.

On the following pages you will find more information about the projectproject partners and patient enrolment.

Clinical study data analysed – scientific publication expected in 2019

The patient enrolment into the EuroHYP-1 trial concluded in March 2018, in line with the funding schedule agreed with the European Commission, which ended in July 2018.  The data collected in the trial are currently analysed and results are expected to be published in May 2019.  As soon as the scientific article summarizing the conclusions is published, we will update this website with the news containing the results of the clinical trial.

We would like to thank all constituents who contributed to the organization and conduct of the trial - including the patients and their families, who agreed to participate in this important clinical study. We are looking forward towards the disclosure of the results, please return to this website in May 2019.